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SHIMANO '11 Elf 1000S | Fishing Reels shops from Japan

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SHIMANO '11 Elf 1000S
Shimano (SHIMANO) '11 Elf 1000S
Standard spinning of trust.

While the positioning of the entry-level machine "AR-C spool", "Aero wrap system" adoption.
And functionality for functions to cast, wound
New C5000PG additional lineup to Elf to perfect the basics of reel.

The specifications of the product
Gear Ratio: 5.0:1
Practical drag force: 2.0kg/19.6N
Maximum drag force: 3.0kg/29.4N
Weight: 210g
Spool Dimensions: diameter 40mm / 12mm stroke
AR-C spool
PE spool amount (No.-m) :0.6-140 / 0.8-100/1-70
Easy maintenance system
Aero wrap
Shower cleaning
Nylon spool amount (lb-m) :2.5-140 / 3-100/4-90
Frollo pincushion amount (lb-m) :2-170 / 3-95/4-75
Floating shaft
The number of the bearing (ball / roller): 3/1
Maximum volume superior: 63cm (handle per revolution)
Seawater OK


Commodity Description
[ Product specifications ]
● Gear Ratio: 5
● practical drag force | maximum drag force (N) / (kg): 19.6/2.0 | 29.4/3.0
● weight (g): 210
● Spool Dimensions ( diameter mm / stroke mm): 40/12
● nylon spool amount ( No. -m) |
Frollo pincushion amount ( No. -m) |
PE spool amount ( No. -m):
Nylon (lb-m) 2.5-140,3-100,4-90 |
Frollo (lb-m) 2-170,3-95,4-75 |
● (cm / steering wheel 1 ) Maximum volume superior : 63
● handle length (mm): 40
● The number of the bearing ball / roller : 3/1
● Other :
※ SDH is shallow spool + Double handle specification ,
S is shallow spool specification .
※ C is the meaning of the compact body .
※ N and ( Newton ) , is a unit of power , is 1kg = 9.8N.
※ maximum volume is superior , has become a value calculated from the spool before saliva outermost diameter .
[ Product details ]
Standard spinning of trust ! !
While the positioning of the entry-level machine " AR-C spool " , " Aero wrap system " adoption .
The mans base of the reel , such as functions for ability to cast , wound
Were all in " Elf " . Lineup of 11 models of enhancement

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