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Daiwa Youshu 10 / 791007 / Herabuna Rods

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Daiwa Youshu 10 / 791007 / Herabuna Rods

Tone and operability to make herabuna fishing happy

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Youshu has a top priority on the operability of the spatula with the highest priority. A somewhat stiffer tone with a stick tip that guides the bait reliably to the point and a tension of the torso that can firmly pull the hooked spatula exerts excellent

performance for all rounds that can be used regardless of field, time, or tana. Bamboo ground going the royal road of hera rods Bamboo ground One of the pride of high cost performance that does not compromise its appearance such as grip high grip quality grip at hand style, presence of orange light shining at hand.

Field fishing, managed fishing spot and choosing a location that goes beyond classes that are active in full-scale specially designed spatula. Tone changing gradually from short to long tends to be easier to transfer even if it is a light gimmick, and Awase is also decided comfortably.


Use durable reinforced wooden top stopper.

It is difficult for entanglement to become entangled

Adopted a non-slip knitting grip.

Product specifications
Standard total length (m): 3.00
Number of pieces: 3
Mai (cm): 108
Standard weight (g): 53
Distal diameter (mm): 1.1
Original diameter (mm): 8.1
Carbon content (%): 99

Application Herabuna
Brand Daiwa 

Endangered tip
Bag Braid Grip
Tubular tip

Rod bag


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