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DAIWA KAREHOUSHI 7・Q / 914765 / Herabuna Rods

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DAIWA KAREHOUSHI 7・Q / 914765 / Herabuna Rods

Directing the bliss of spatual fishing

How should a Hera Rods? Daiwa has always suggested the way to go in the form of "KAREHOUSHI" in order to cope with this eternal task which is close to the fundamentals of flying fishing.

In the history of about 30 years I have been walking like this, it is the closest to Watanabe, and the spatula that balanced the performance that can only be achieved with carbon is the sixth generation "KAREHOUSHI".


Tone setting per scale

7 - 10 scale
Mild and heavy feeling when I got it. And shorter, with two faces of sharp and powerful feeling of dynamism when you awake and inen. Small diameter tubularer Brawn more smoothly with the benefits of the tips, realized good rise.

16 to 21 scale
We addressed the problem of operability (lightness). I got a light feeling with it. And the user is good long length. Smoothly enters the trunk, absorbing the spatula's resistance by the whole rod working.

11 to 15 scale
Middle level suitable for tasting the most "mackerel". Enjoying delicacy and richness which increased delicacy while always feeling a sense of tension in the working part, moving appearance Standing appearance like elegance. Make sense of the balance skill which chooses fishing style.

Sensory (Functions) - Bamboo, also a sense not found in carbon so far

Sharpness and unity
It is only to decide the tone of the " HERA RODS " to the last. And the most diverse work is forced from the tip.
Daiwa thought that the evolution of the tip would be the key to obtain a more stable balance of the " HERA rod."

This is also a Japanese Rods, a tip is prepared according to the characteristics of its "scion" of "shaving 'strength of sharpness and supple. The presence of "synthetic rod" using glass and carbon solid is also part of evolution of " HERA rod. "
Daiwa imitated the woven wing ponza "water sharpness, a sense of unity with the yarn" as a good example and kept pursuing the way to add "carbonity," lightness, strength "there.

And newly developed is a small diameter tube with a 0.8 mm tip diameter.

So far it has been only possible with carbon solids in " HERA RODS. "

As a result of pursuing "Tone on the tip of the head", the tubular ears advanced in all aspects such as homogeneity of the material, steering ability to follow freely, and less rigidity difference occurring at the joint portion than anything else , It realized the same diameter as the solid.

A feeling of stopping as if the tip of the rod was no thing without any sound, a supple that the yarn and the head are united, a feeling of stability not played by the spatula. The new function makes the scissors sense a new feeling not found in the Japanese pole and the carbon rod so far.

Shaking condition Hanging tone
By getting a new head with delicate and agile movement, "KAREHOUSHI" made it possible to realize a more delicate tone.

Fly the slice as you slide on the surface of the food with spring holding the spike. Control the watering point with delicate heads. It is just a sense of "carrying food."

Comfortable shaking condition and hanging tone. It was finished in one fishing rod that supports fishermen's fishing technique in exactly all directions.


A thick fiber like spots and delicate fibers of handwiphes are mixed to express a more realistic bamboo ground. Arrange the background color of the bamboo ground to bright eyes closer to more realistic bamboo.

Rods bag is an elegant "shark crimp" pattern. Adopted red color of image color. The name is embroidery finish.

A new shape aiming for compatibility between suppleness and weight reduction. The thread pattern of bag knitting employs a serene combination in accordance with the character of "Mike Masters". Of course, it is hard to slip even when it gets wet with wet grip, and it is easy to remove dirt. "New bag knitting grip".

The top plug is a top stopper of "bamboo ground" which was first adopted in "Genmuku". In "KAREHOUSHI" there are further entered names by laser engraving there. In addition, detailed consideration is given to changing the size of letters by thickness.

The name of "KAREHOUSI" on the grip and the items on the back side are laser engravings.
Furthermore, not only around the name, but also the original part of each section (excluding the bridge) also adopts the violent red "KAREHOUSHI's indentation" (Rakkan).

Stock theory

A design method incorporating the know-how of traditional Japanese pole. "A passage of a rod is like a single rod, the tip is soft and hard enough to get it back." Daiwa's unique design technology that enabled this to be smoothly moved by analyzing this in a microscopic world and connecting it balancedly. The difference which is particularly noticeable is that the vertices of bending move greatly in conventional rods, whereas the stock theory moves smoothly so that the hung fish can not rampage. Ideal balance required for spatula is realized.

In the rod, invisible "twist" occurs during a series of movements such as during operation and exchange, causing operability and power reduction. Daiwa's proprietary technology which prevents twisting thoroughly by winding a bias cloth of ± 45 ° which is the optimum angle of prevention of twisting, improves operability, power, stability and dramatically improves the performance of the rod .

V - joint
Daiwa's unique bias structure is adopted at the joint part of the clause. It realizes smooth bending of joint, improves power · response · sensitivity. It is possible to make the rod's original power appear without loss with a smooth connection like a one piece rod.

Product specifications

Overall length (m): 2.10
Conductor (book): 3
Mai (cm): 76
Weight (g): 44
Dia. Diameter / original diameter (mm): - (0.8) / 7.3 * The tip diameter is the closest to the tip of the rod, the outside diameter not having parts and wound bobbins, the inside of () is the outside diameter of the material tip.
Carbon content (%): 74
Accessory: Rod bag

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