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Daiwa 13 CERTATE 2500 870429

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Daiwa 13 CERTATE 2500 870429


Evolution of rotation and durability does not stop. 
Seruteto to adopt a commitment to the metal body rigidity and durability.


Nine years, counting from the first generation, the name became a testament of unshakable reliability. 
This Seruteto is equipped with a mug shield line roller to achieve further durability up. 
In addition, by ZAION made ​​air rotor of lightweight, high rigidity, I got a reel of best-in-class sensitivity. I yelling poured all of the latest features 
This is the high-grade standard of Daiwa spinning reel exactly.




Winding yarn-weight nylon 8lb-200m, of PE1.5 issue-200m super versatile model of salt.
I manage to extensively and Egingu and sea bass, all fishing

MAGSEALED (mug shield) 
Durability and rotation performance was further improved: mug also shield of line roller

The improvement in both durability and performance in the rotation that the line roller portion also mug of shield .
The " mug shield " , the waterproofing system was born from a completely new idea to create a strong oil film a special oil that kept the strong -magnetic " Maguoiru " , that block the entry of water or foreign matter .
In Seruteto , and adopted in line roller portion of this waterproof system . I be maintained for a long period of time a lightly smooth rotation feel .

First place even if the weight of the rotating system much like the handle part and the rotor , the resistance of the bearing unit to support it is large , it is not possible to obtain a light and smooth rotation .
One of the factors that increase the feeling of resistance gradually , rotation of the reel was smooth , entry of foreign matter and seawater at the time of purchase . When entering the gap of the rotary portion salt contained in seawater is crystallized , parts are worn on top to prevent the smooth rotation , the resistance of the rotation is gradually increasing gradually .

It was not only to the packing structure To completely prevent seawater intrusion into the interior in the past , but if you use the packing , since the packing resulting in direct contact with the rotating shaft , and had to sacrifice the lightness of rotation were .

Was solved at a stroke the problem of their mug shield .
By creating a powerful magnet in the oil film and oil ferromagnetic , and succeeded in maintaining and waterproof smooth rotation .
In Seruteto , and adopted in line roller part this mug shield . To protect the rotating part of the line roller to receive the direct seawater coming to pick up the line to the time of harvest
It has become possible to long-lasting light and smooth winding feeling in harsh environments .


AIR ROTOR (air rotor) 
Original arch form that embodies the near future of the spinning reel

The new shape that achieves the lightness extreme by utilizing the rigidity of Zion, and scraped off the flab more "air Rotor". 
Lightening and lighter can be seen at a glance by its unique arch form, of course, is significant in that it has a sufficient strength as part of the reel as a major premise. 
Was obtained by the "frame" the parts of the rotor that was present as a "lump", both high strength and lightness. 
I would like you to immerse yourself in the rotation feel of different dimension to this new rotor produces. It should clearly show the difference between the conventional rotor.


■ smoothness and lightness brings, the sensitivity of the one on 
As a result of changes made, such as the shape to the air rotor was first adopted in Seruteto 10, a rotor unit achieve a weight reduction of about 20% (2500 Size: 10 Seruteto ratio). Inertial force of rotation is reduced and the weight of the rotor part and the handle, feeling of resistance when turning the steering wheel is reduced. 
Benefits can be easily perceives the change of water resistance and therefore, likely to be determined more changes in the movement of the lure of Atari and during retrieval is born.
Information of water such, very important data on the go assemble the fishing of the day. 
Without direct connection to hit the Atari example, it is possible to'd rather confident "fish are certainly there" and will be considered in any number of other attacking force. 
The air of the rotor is Seruteto, Features's also combines high strength as well as lightness. Arch structure of the air rotor can be dispersed well-balanced load, to maintain high strength with less weight.


The effect of air and rotor mug shield produce 
150% UP rotation durability 
Mug shield 
By creating a wall in Maguoiru with a magnetic gap of the rotor and body, waterproof construction to shut out the intrusion of dust and water. 
Rotor body and is non-contact, light and smooth rotation is intact, I be maintained for a long period of time the performance of the initial rotation. 
Release of spinning reel equipped with a mug shield in a variety of fields already in DAIWA. I'm also able to demonstrate from the top of the data, that a large effect is obtained for models not equipped with.


Number 90% DOWN line roller rotation noise generation 
Mug shield line roller 
Like the mug shield of the body, making the oil film of Maguoiru in line roller unit, which shut out the dust and seawater. 
It not only enhances the waterproof structure, also depleted of foreign matter and salt and a significant reduction in rolling resistance. That trouble in line roller that is easy contact with the most water is reduced, as immeasurable impact on the fishing. 
Because, trouble in this part is because the led to the immediate line trouble.

Rotation response 25% UP 
Zion air rotor 
Original arch shape should be called the rotor revolution. By the load is distributed by the optimum rim structure, and achieve significant weight reduction in the strength of the equivalent. 
Adopted in the rotor material of Zion lightweight high stiffness, and achieve a further improvement of the rotation response in 13 Seruteto. 

※ 2 ... rotor inertia force is smaller, I can realize a rotation handle good response to meet freely in the intention of angler

Proof of the unwavering trust. 
New future standard REAL FOUR 

■ ZAION (Zion) 
New material in excess of magnesium in the rigidity and lightness 
Strength and lightness. 
New materials to achieve both at a high level ever these contradictory elements, it is "Zion". If the same weight ratio, magnesium or more, known as ultra-lightweight metal (flexural modulus) rigidity. 
And free from rust in just a carbon-based resin. It is no exaggeration to say "material that was born to become a reel" exactly. 
Adopt ZAION the rotor portion 13 Seruteto. It is simply because I feel proud of the high rigidity while being lightweight, small signal from the water. It is was supposed to be a big feature of Seruteto of high rigidity, high sensitivity is applied.

■ up of light weight and rigidity of the part which is obtained form simply because it is Zion
There are several types of carbon-based to resin material, but Zion to adopt the DAIWA special material about overturn the common sense of the carbon-based resin material general, increased the density of the carbon fiber. 
Resin general, of course, the stiffness also surpass the magnesium. And the lightness that can not form a metal material, which can lead to further a sense of unity with the rod, you feel more directly the state of the water. 

Doing lightly also continuous action, such as twitch and jerk, hooking force such as UP in suit and sharp improvement of Accuracy, I will show its abilities in various aspects. 
The efficacy of the resin to the material which has been employed in 10 Seruteto, was used as the rotor material for ZAION rigid over magnesium large. 
It has been fully employed metal, a small signal is less likely to take the inertia force is increased because the weight is increased compared to the ZAION even rigid. 
Rotor 13 Seruteto became to be achieved by adopting a ZAION the challenge of reducing the weight in terms of the improved rigidity against 10 Seruteto, resulting in a new sense anglers.


Specifications of the product
Winding length ( handle per revolution ): 72cm
Gear Ratio: 4.8
Own weight : 235g
The maximum drag force : 7kg
( Nylon lb-m) :8-200 / 12-150 standard winding amount
ABSII ( anti- backlash system )
Original arch form that embodies the near future of AIR ROTOR ( air rotor) spinning reel
CRBB system
( Mug shield ) line roller also mug shield of MAGSEALED. Durability rotation performance improvements.
UTD ( ultimate tournament drag )
※ Seruteto is not completely waterproof . Please stop the care that Dari marinated in water , using detergent .
※ Please stop in both body / line roller unit lubrication to mug shield portion .
Proof of the unwavering trust . New future standard " REAL FOUR "
Cross wrap
Osh silent configuration
Tough drive gear
Bearings ( Ball / Roller ) : 10/1
Model Features : Nylon 8lb-200m, winding yarn amount of PE1.5 issue -200m is super versatile model of salt . I manage to extensively and Egingu and sea bass , all the fishing .
(PE No. -m) :1.5-200 standard winding amount
Ultra duralumin large caliber machine cut digital gear II
Ultra-precision super metal body
New material in excess of magnesium in the rigidity and lightness " ZAION " adoption .

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