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Daiwa 11 CALDIA 2508R-SH 826662

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Daiwa 11 CALDIA 2508R-SH 826662

Spinning to continue to evolve, it is CALDIA.
High-performance model with enhanced real fishing performance further.



Functional beauty sparkling. CALDIA! ● mug shield body ● ● ZAION air rotor ● ABS2 ● neo cross wrap ● Twist Buster 2 ● Tafueaberu ● UTD (ultimate tournament drag) ● Real stopper ● ● washable linear shaft structure


Caldia the core of EAL FOUR spinning , Kardia KIX which was equipped with REAL FOUR from the founder Kardia ,
And 09 Kardia you wore the equipment of fishing each item does best ,
It has been designed to provide the angler functions and advanced concept and always .
And now work was restyled to bring cutting-edge features of Daiwa spinning reel that mug shield · ZAION · air rotor .
Lure bait fishing , sea water , fresh water . Fishing to cover a wide range of Kardia .
Kardia will prove to be a good partner of angler various definitely .
While incorporating plenty of features that are required by the angler , as ballpoint pen fine though , it looks a simple yet smart .
Nevertheless gives us a sense of satisfaction and sense of security to master when you use . I believe Kardia will become such a presence for the angler .
By using (RCS) Real custom parts , one of the features of the REAL FOUR Further , it's also possible to arrange to love machine Your Own .
Kardia is , 's the reel with great potential in a small body .

■ 2508R-SH
High gear type of nylon 8lb.-150m wind playing an active part in such as sea bass in the surf .
Possible to produce firmly movement of lures can be retrieved at a speed not to lose waves Surf .
Not only sea bass , high-speed type that can be processed by the slack line quickly etc. also Eging effective .
The almighty item that can support a wide range to lure game .

Endurance revolution MAG SEALED ( mug shield )

Intact a lightly smooth rotation
I protect the reel from foreign enemy
Was the key to developing the magnetic fluid by NASA developed
By using a liquid with magnetic " mug Shield" is an innovative structure that produces non-contact with the same effect as the waterproof structure of the packing method.
In other words, I have used to shut out the seawater intrusion by creating a wall of the liquid with the magnetic gap and the rotor body .
Anything else does not interfere as waterproof packing , smooth rotation is intact rotor body and because it is non-contact ,
It becomes possible to maintain long term performance of the initial rotation because there is no ingress of seawater .

Sensitivity revolution AIR ROTOR (air rotor)
Rotor revolution 44 years
Intact, strength reduces weight of about 15%
Air rotor with an innovative structure should be called the "rotor revolution". Rotor durability is improved by the optimum rim structure, the load is distributed.
I realize at the same time the weight of about 15% in the same strength as a result. It contributes to the improvement of feel further rotation by the rotor balance is improved.

Carbon new material "ZAION" ( Zion )
Daiwa has been developed for the first time in the world ( in the fishing tackle world's first sports -related , ) carbon new material " Zion " .
The biggest feature , rigidity and specific gravity ( lightness ) . The stiffness 's about comparable to magnesium is a metal .
Whereas a great general-purpose resin is mixed with glass to the resin , which is due to the fact that carbon fibers are used as material to further increase the strength in Zion .
Zion has a property very hard As a result of this . Typically , resin body is he good and only perform a simple processing of several places ,
Taking advantage of its strength after molding , the body of this Zion to complete the first time by performing a full machine cut metal body as well.
As a result , I was able to achieve the accuracy and strength equivalent to the metal body for the first time in the world. Image as a resin ,
I should clean out when limiting it to this new carbon materials and Zion . The ideal material to bring the new sense . That is the figure of Zion Daiwa developed.

Smoothness and power unrivaled
Drive system of REALFOUR that has produced overwhelming power, rotation of performance Shirukyi.
[Body] ZAION
I adopt a ZAION the body, including the reel foot a large load is applied when you against the big game.
Possible to reduce the loss of power of the winding fleeing in the twist of the reel foot, it will lead to interaction with the fish effectively the power of fishing people.

Operability comfort to doubling
Mechanism to prevent as much as possible these troubles is the fate of backlash ... spinning reel yarn twist, yarn favorite phrase, and yarn cult is installed throughout the REAL FOUR.
And twist Buster to prevent yarn twist and ABS spool to achieve the jump smooth, has produced operability to sustain concentration to all anglers.

Line is released without trouble "ABS", "anti-backlash system" for short, spool structure flying distance is extended.
Through the reversed tapered surface winding with large diameter line trouble line ahead of the spool is hardly extruded, and including the backlash depleted.
In addition, large-diameter spool, which is also the common sense now contribute to the improvement of the drag performance speed and take-up.

[Neo] Cross Wrap
Exact take-up is an important factor to reduce the line trouble. "Cross-wrapped" By adopting the Aya winding system large angle of thread winding,
Method for winding to cross to prevent displacement of the yarn and the bite line to the spool winding the yarn section.
Reduction of line trouble is remarkable when using the PE line and filaments in particular, I realize the jump at the same time comfortable.

[Twist Buster II]
According to yarn is said to be the fate of the spinning reel once. And to have an angle to the arm lever,
By controlling the yarn so that they are at right angles to the roller axis by applying a tapered line roller,
A revolutionary system that significantly reduces the yarn according this is "twist buster."
When was the evolution of this "twist Buster" structure "Twist Buster II".

's Greatly improved lightness and strength to the hollow structure the bale is an essential part of the Line Control "Eaberu."
Shape of the veil holder of its own to significantly reduce the tangle of veil around further.
20% strength up and larger wall thickness of the stainless steel material is "Tafueaberu".
I have a durability of 13 times more than the weight of solid material of the titanium.

[UTD: Ultimate Tournament drag]
By using impregnating the new oil high performance and high durability in high-density felt washer, to eliminate the adhering early start to effectiveness drag,
Was achieved smoothness that a stable, (uneven) stick even if I tighten. It has both the robustness and precision that can be confronting to have the initiative to fish.

[Real stopper]

Feel the difference of rotation at OFF and ON when the stopper lever that had been given up to be no help until now.
Female putting even such details, I realize the rotation accuracy is OFF and ON at the time does not change. I introduced a new mechanism that does not stop back to the low temperatures at the same time.
※, 4000 3520PE-SH except

Durability beyond the traditional criteria
Some in the REAL FOUR mystery reliability is increased as you use it . The real ones beyond the time noted to increase brightness .
Sophisticated mechanisms that change forever is one in which a comprehensive strength and virile parts , CRBB rust-resistant , such as Washable keep clean reel is produced .

[ Washable ]
Simply because the waterproof realized by " mug shield " structure , would like you to use than ever " washable " feature .
Dirt and salt powerful enemy to reel even waterproof structure . It becomes the ringleader of trouble and various rust .
That's why taking advantage of the " mug Shield" , I wash it hard to drop the dirt and salt , I would like you to enjoy the fishing comfortable every time .

Mug shield
ZAION body
Air rotor
Neo Cross Wrap
Twist Buster II
UTD ( ultimate tournament drag )
Real stopper
Linear shaft
Washable structure

Part Number : 2508R-SH
(Cm / steering wheel 1 ) winding length : 91
Gear Ratio: 6.2
Maximum drag force (kg): 7
Weight (g): 245
Standard amount of yarn wound nylon (lb-m) :8-150 ,12-100
Standard amount of yarn wound PE ( No. -m) :1-200 ,1.5-150
Bearing Ball / Roller : 6/1

The specifications of the product
Winding length: 91cm (handle per revolution)
Gear Ratio: 6.2
Weight: 245g
Maximum drag force: 7kg
Nylon spool amount (No.-m) :8-150 / 12-100
PE spool amount (No.-m) :1-200 / 1.5-150
UTD (ultimate tournament drag)
ZAION body
Air rotor
Twist Buster II
Neo Cross Wrap
Bearings (ball / roller): 6/1
Mug shield
Real stopper
Linear shaft

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