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SHIMANO Vanquish C3000 028488 Spinning Reels

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SHIMANO Vanquish C3000 028488 Spinning Reels

Sense of rigidity of the metal body to support the ultra-light and ultra-sensitivity.?
Top class model of Magnum Light rotor deployment!

The Vanquish, it is equipped with ultra-light to achieve a sharp rise "Magnum Light rotor", specially designed to "AR-C light spool".?
Own weight and starting torque, lighter of the two, I got a high sensitivity direct.?

As with Stella, equipped with the "X-SHIP" At the heart. By employing the "Super Mg Body" body material Additionally, it offers not only light, and superior reliability in the solid feel.?
Analogy, the operation feeling lightweight sports car that runs at will of the driver. All the well-honed, Vanquish that depresses into the unknown area. I recommend it to angler to find the speed and sharpness.

Quick response series

Series to feature " reeling excellent sensitivity , lightness of unwinding " low rotor inertia , lightweight and compact produces


Super magnesium : Body Material
CI4 +: rotor material


Shimano ever lightest and compact rotor . Spinning reel debut with the rotation feel of the second !

Have been developed on the concept of " feeling silky that I made use of inertia " , over the eternal Shimano spinning reel .
The planning concept " direct feeling that comes from low inertia " , and development " Vanquish " and " New Reaniumu " On the contrary .
To be more specific , such as " the rise of the rotation of the light reeling initial " " in during retrieval , direct sensitivity that can catch a slight resistance ," he emphasizes .
Rotor has been developed to achieve this is " Magnum Light rotor " .
The state-of-the-art design by 3D analysis was further evolved carbon material " CI4 " and " CI4 + " , " low rotor inertia " " ultra- lightweight " to the extent that it is not considered in traditional completed.
As a result , Shimano spinning of two types with an emphasis on type and with an emphasis on " feeling silky that I made use of inertia " is represented by Stella , a " direct feeling that comes from the inertial low " represented by Vanquish I managed to establish a reel .

Magnum Light rotor

Magnum Light rotor successful compact and significantly lighter weight than in the case of carbon resin and aluminum rotor by conventional 3D design and the latest adopting new carbon material " CI4 + " .
In addition , this weight reduction resulted in a significant improvement in starting torque and inertia . As a result , the weight of the reel itself is of course , a reduction in starting torque and inertia is dramatically enhances direct sense of rotation and sensitivity .


Super magnesium body
Lightweight of what a tough.
Vanquish to the light weight and the concept, however, is not the light only of reel. Strength is a basic performance of the reel, durability, rigidity feeling was secured without redeemed weight.
Gift of it was adopted the most advanced metal material that Shimano is proud of [super Mg body].
Such as the Fight of the unexpected big fish, the body of the deflection and distortion even in a state where high load is applied, free from degradation of rotation performance associated with it.
Toughness of the foot also a proud.
Gear system that forms the core, has received high evaluation is adopted to Stella [X-SHIP] is protected by a lightweight metal body robust enough to trust.


AR-C Light spool
Spinning spool that does not stop evolution.
Is mounted on the Vanquish [AR-C Light Spool] is specially designed in pursuit of light weight.
Trouble-free performance, long distance performance is intact, by Komu shaving thin review and wall thickness of the use parts to the limit, to achieve even lighter 4g than 10 Stella 2500S spool was the lightest spool up to this.
Updated Shimano history lightest lightweight plastic spool par even while using a forged aluminum material.
[MAGNUMLITE ROTER], in synergy with [X-SHIP], lightness of hoisting, rotation response, and has contributed greatly to the improvement of the sensitivity.

The beat, lightly, and strongly. Innovative gear system, equipped with X-SHIP


Large-diameter drive gear
And powerful in high gear
Large diameter drive gear without changing the body size. As a result, the transmission force to the pinion gear, I will improve the transmission efficiency


Optimum gear layout design
Efficiently transmitted the power of the drive gear



Pinion gear bearing two points support
High load also lightly and rotation
Very two points supported by bearings at both ends of the pinion gear that rotates at high speed (S A-RB adopted). Light and rise of the winding, we have to allow for lightly powerful hoisting at the time of high load.


NEW design drag knob
Tighten the front mask, is adopted NEW design drag knob is Vanquish dedicated design was decorated. For the knob ease in design stuck, leave feeling of anglers, can be instantaneous drag adjustment.


DLC line roller
The line roller part I has undergone a DLC treatment that takes into account the reduction of frictional resistance. Nylon, fluorocarbon, without having to ask the PE and line material, because the damage caused by twisting or wear of the line is significantly reduced, it is also safe when using light line.


New design ultra-lightweight aluminum machine cut handle
Adopt aluminum machine cut handle integrated rather than folding. The lighter and sensitivity up, it has succeeded in creating a sense of rigidity. Handle knob Considering the Jitsutsuri scene, adopting the best shape depending on the size.


Easy maintenance system
Always in order to maintain a smooth rotational performance and equipped with oil port to the body and the line roller portion. Because that can be lubricated without decomposition, it is possible to keep the reel in the best state to Easy. I recommend the use of a dedicated oil.


Product specifications

Gear Ratio: 5.2: 1
Practical drag force: 3.5kg / 34.3N
Maximum drag force: 9.0kg / 88.2N
Own weight: 195g
Spool dimensions: 46.5 / 14.5mm
Nylon thread winding amount (No. -m): 2.5-180 / 3-150 / 4-100
Fluorochemicals thread winding amount (No. -m): 2.5-160 / 3-130 / 4-100
PE thread winding amount (No. -m): 1-400 / 1.5-270 / 2-180
Maximum winding superiors: 76cm (1 per rotation handle)
Handle length: 50mm
Bearing number (S A-RB / Roller): 12/1
New carbon material "CI4 +" adoption of Magnum Light rotor installed. Achieve the rise of lightweight and reeling initial of light rotation.
And both lightweight and high rigidity. Sensitivity preeminent super magnesium body.
AR-C Light spool equipped boasts Shimano's lightest.
The beat, lightly, and strongly. Innovative gear system, X-SHIP installed.
And powerful in high gear. Adopt large diameter drive gear.
Optimum gear arrangement designed to efficiently transmit the power of the drive gear.
Pinion gear bearing support two points to achieve a light rotating even at high load
NEW design drag knob to tighten the front mask
The frictional resistance is reduced, friendly DLC line roller adopted in line.

Use /?Horse mackerel, rockfish, black bass, trout, mackerel, mackerel, sardines, rockfish, goby, kiss, squid, sea bass, cutlass, Inada, black sea bream, red sea bream, Medina, Sumiika
Brand / Shimano



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