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Abu Garcia Roxani Powershooter right winding: 1487509 Baitcasting Reels

Abu Garcia
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Abu Garcia Roxani Powershooter right winding: 1487509 Baitcasting Reels

Cutting edge design, with power handle! Power fishing model with deep spool that took over the gene of REVO

Sturdy Dura metal frame adopts internal mechanical support firmly, salt shield Pinion BB with fresh water to salt water a wide range of applications. Deep spool 20 lb - 100 m line capacity and it corresponds to buses and rock fish with large plugs.

Dura metal frame
Aluminum frame without reducing the strength while focusing on lightening
Extreme design.
Material setting considering tough use by salt.

Infini brake system
This time we installed in ROXANI 10 magnets and 4 centrifugal brake blocks even in the Infini brake system.

Brakes can be set without choosing who casts. Centrifugal brake faction caster strengthens centrifugal block

Magnet brake faction casters have the feeling of your choice freely by strengthening the magnet brake.

Of course, by using together, casting became possible under all kinds of wind conditions.

Centrifugal brake has two types of weight setting. Blue is strengthened and white is weak.

High endurance Dura gear brass gear & high strength brass gear shaft
To cope with Bigfish, high strength brass gear is used as driving system
A high strength brass gear shaft was adopted for its support shaft.
Setting assuming forcible power take-up.

Backup ratchet
By using not only one-way bearings at the base of the handle but also a ratchet type backup ratchet

I am prepared for the emergency thing.

Dura clutch
We thoroughly review the working part, easy to cut,
The clutch structure improved durability performance.

Aluminum forging made 35 mm deep spool
In order to fight big-fish, stock of thick thread is indispensable.
To ensure daily line capacity 20 lb - 100 m, high - strength aluminum forged spool of φ 35 mm
It was adopted.
Assume that you want to use 16 lb - 100 m, and set the lower winding guide line on the side of the spool.
The maximum merit of the maximum diameter of the spool can be utilized to the utmost.


Recess Dolle Foot
The split reel foot pushed the spool downwards and it became possible to further reduce the rope.

The height from the foot is about 40 mm. Provide comfortable parming performance.

Carbon Matrix Drag & Drag Clicker
By adopting Abu Garcia's unique carbon matrix drag washer,
It is possible to apply higher drag force while maintaining smooth performance in a wide range.
By introducing Clicker, we can grasp the speed withdrawn from drag,
It is possible to exchange while conscious of the line break.

Lightweight EVA Middle Round Knob & 95mm Length 4mm Thick Crank Handle Arm
Round type EVA knob is attached to the crank handle adopting 95 mm long and 4 mm thick aluminum.
It corresponds to a forced fight of Bigfish.

Lure keeper
Equipped with a lure keeper to help move small places.
It is possible to hook the protrusion with a nail and pull it out.
At the same time, if you store it through a line in a crescent moon shape,
It is useful when storing as a function of the line keeper.

Salt Shield TM pinion bearing
By adopting a newly developed ball bearing with a water repellent coat applied to the entire inside and outside,
The salt gumming phenomenon which causes rotation abnormal noise is drastically reduced.
We succeeded in greatly improving the rotation feel and durability.
In double-shaft reels, it was adopted as a pinion gear part, which is the most prone to salt crystals.

Weight 242 g
Deura metal frame
Infini brake system
High endurance Dura gear brass gear
High strength brass gear shaft
Aluminum forging made 35 mm deep spool
95 mm long 4 mm thick crank handle arm
Lightweight EVA Middle Round Knob
Salt shield pinion BB
HPCR ball bearing
Carbon Matrix Drag & Drag Clicker
Lure keeper

Product specifications
Self weight (g) 242
Gear ratio: 8.0: 1
Maximum line winding length (cm) 88
Maximum drag force (Kg) 7
Line capacity (16 lb): 125 m
Line capacity (20 lb): 100 m
Ball / roller bearing: 4/1
35 mm diameter spool
95 mm long 4 mm thick crank handle arm

Brand: Abu gracia
JAN /UPC: 036282963603

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