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The way of thinking about our packaging.
And how to pack.

Our shop, YOUHARBOR has been selling and shipping fishing gear products to many countries since its establishment in 2013.
Fortunately, in the case of past sales results, there are no cases of accidental damage occurred during mailing.

We are all Japanese. I have a feeling peculiar to the Japanese.
We will not do any inappropriate and rough packaging.

Basically, products to be sent to customers are protected with an air cap and cushioning materials are used to fill the gap between the product and the cardboard. And we will send you an order statement with the product together.

However, some rod products may be just fit for cardboard.
In that case this is not the limit.

Example of a case of easy-to-break rod product:
An area predicted to have a high risk of breakage accident. Also, when judging that the risk of damage is high for other reasons.

In such a case, fix the surface of the cardboard more ruggedly with 2 or 3 more bands.
In other words, it means that other packages are not crushed during transportation.

If you are worried about damage during transport. Please contact us YOUHARBOR regardless of order before or after ordering.