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Our security Customers, for safety
We are thinking in order to achieve peace of mind and reliable trading


Our security
Customers, for safety
Do you have any question or doubt ?
We are thinking in order to achieve peace of mind and reliable trading
Internet shopping has become in the world of common sense
However You might not accustomed to to shop online.
Also you might have felt the anxiety in the purchase of the first time the shop

We will understand the hesitation of such your feelings.

Also across the border, and imported products from abroad to buy.
It Maybe, for those who are not familiar might have high hurdle.

But in fact, the situation in our seller is the same.
People who have been visited YOUHARBOR everyone, it is I think good person.

I, in Japan, of course, not be able to forgive the net fraud shop that exists in countless in the world.

1. You Upon to purchase the goods in our shop, there is no such a thing is theft, misuse of personal information. First, our payment system takes advantage of the fully Paypal.
You do not need to enter even credit card numbers.

2. You will enable settlement in Paypal security measures thorough without having to completely publish personal information.

3. The likelihood and e-commerce is the exchange of money.
If a problem occurs. We will continue to resolve and found the best way quickly.
Please do not worry.

4. wrong product delivery,
transport the of the damage accident,
different from the description product

For these.
If it in there was a fault or error.
It is depending on returned goods.
And the product after arrival. Immediately we will refund processing the price full amount.

Our shop YOUHARBOR is operated by EC platform Shopify system used by e-commerce operators around the world.

As of now, Shopify is the world's most recognizable and reliable e-commerce site boasting more than 500,000 merchants.

Our shop YOUHARBOR's settlement system is completely protected by SSL certification.
All personal information including your credit card information is protected by stubborn security.

Order details ordered at our shop are accurately managed by employees. And, familiar with international trading, staff with experienced knowledge will definitely deliver the product to you.

Please use our store with confidence.


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Please visit the link below and check the safety of YOUHARBOR.
>> Validation YOUHARBOR.com Security

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