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---How to order---
How to purchase with YOUHARBOR

Items you have added to the cart display the total amount and number of items in the upper Right corner of the page, But shipping cost has not been added yet at this point
To the next page from the check-out link at the top right

This will be displayed exactly shipping to all countries and North and Central America, Oceania, Europe, South America and South Africa from Asia
Shipping is indexing the shipping weight based on the weight of the product

You please check this shipping cost
And shipping the product price will be the total amount of payment

Enter such as country, state and city where you live
And zip code
Click on the "Calcurate shipping" button
Shipping charges to your country is automatically calculated


or Poduct page next point.

Only the total amount and number of products placed in cart actually is displayed on the next page.
If you want to know the shipping charges to your country in advance

The next shopping cart page.
There are displays the total amount of money and goods list that you have placed in the shopping basket.

However, at this stage it does not include postage to your country.

Are you this shopping cart page. In the left part, "SHIPPING CALCULATOR"
Using it, you can examine the postage to your country in advance.


This is one case.

"Shimano 13 bio master SW 4000XG 031587"
Shipping weight 0.51-1.1lbs of this reel.
If the resident country is in the United States, California.
Shipping charges will be $ 15.00.

If you were satisfied with the product amount of money and postage.
Migrate to the next step.

check out page.

Link button to proceed to the check-out page has been prepared two, but this is the same even if the choice.
The final process is connected to the Paypal settlement.


You make a purchase of our store

But we are not done the collection of import duties and sales tax generated at the time of receipt

These items are not included in the price paid

Please proceed to PayPal page When are satisfied with your shipping fee
Click the link of "Paypal" is after you have verified the payment amount , You go to the page of Paypal payment
You do not have to worry, you before you can complete the payment completely
Paypal calculate shipping charges automatically from the registered address which your
After you click the link button on the check out PayPal
Shipment postage does not appear yet in the first screen Paypal

It's like the image below

It's the next page

You click the "Pay with my Paypal account" enter your email address and password
Login completely

There should be shipping to you in the country are automatically displayed.
Please make sure that no shipping cost to your country is a mistake.


Shipping displayed automatically When you log in to the PayPal screen completion

You need to make sure this shipment postage

* You pay by credit card
If you do not have a PayPal account

You can get a PayPal account to the new in the screen

It is very easy

Most number of users is large in the world
It is recommended that you get a pie Pal account of trust and confidence.

After you have completed the order
Order contents are automatic reply in real time
We also will contact you with a shipping date and order contents again