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Delivery times and shipping carriers
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Delivery times and shipping carriers
Until shipment will take about 5 to 7days period
All products is using fast most reliable international express mail or International ePacket Japan
The number of days from order completion to shipment usually takes about 5 to 7 days.
Depending on some products, it may be necessary to order from manufacturers.
In that case, it will take about 10 days to ship.
Regarding those orders, YOUHARBOR will contact you promptly after your order.
It is in order to prevent damage during transportation an important product
It is sending out is packed in a box carefully
Tracking number will be generated with all products
And We product the delivery situation your contact
Especially Europe (Italy, France, Russia)
Such as South America, Africa
Country that is not the development of the postal service
We hope that the product will reach you normally
shipping carriers
All shipping companies that YOUHARBOR shipping will use Japan Post.
Other delivery companies do not use (DHL, FEDEX, etc.)
You can here the tracking of products purchased
Tracking number may not be reflected depending on country, but do not worry, We will contact the delivery progress
Japanese postal package tracking page
Delivery times


International e packet : About 5 to 7 days

International Express Mail : About 3 to 5 days

to USA

International e packet : About 7 to 10 days

International Express Mail : About 5 to 7days

to Europe

International e packet : About 10 to 12 days
International Express Mail : About 7 to 10 days
to South America, Africa
International e packet : About 10 to 14 days

International Express Mail : About 7 to 12 days
For undeliverable countries of the rod:
We will not be able rod to sales and delivery to the following countries
Because in Japan international postal regulations there is a limit to the possible transmission length
Following countries do not meet the criteria
Fiji, Argentina, Uruguay, Madagascar
>>Please check this page for shipping charges