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We are Japanese. Doing business in Japan.

YOUHARBOR specialty shop for fishing tackle was born on 17th November 2013. We sell fishing gear with specialized online. And now, Our shop  is the largest store in the online shop which is selling internationally from Japan to the world. Of course, it is a story about excluding large companies such as Amazon and Rakuten Global. Our Shop is Currently our shop sells about 4000 items of fishing gear products. Since our shop YOUHARBOR started in 2013, we have traded with many customers all over the world. The products you ordered are reliably managed and shipped. All shipment will be shipped from Japan.



Products produced by Japanese fishing gear manufacturers. It has top class performance and quality in the world. However, many of these products are not circulated to the world. Especially South America and Africa region. I understand that it is difficult for anglers who live in these two areas to obtain Japanese fishing Tackle products. Do not worry, it's okay. Our shop will help you. It is our job to help people who are not able to obtain fishing tackle from around the world. Our staff are all Japanese but, we are thinking of customers as countries other than Japan. In fact, there are no customers living in Japan among our customers.

YOUHARBOR Office location

YOUHARBOR 's office is located in the city of Suginami - ku, Tokyo. This town is close to the city center, and there are so many people. The wave of people who always go and go. Japan is an island country with a small land area. All the Japanese people may be too serious and overworked. Building located near the station. There is a YOUHARBOR office in the building. The inside of the room filled with computers is always busy with work. Live chat support, mail correspondence, and instructions for inspection and shipping. Our shop delivers products from this place to any country in the world.

Shop Name/ YOUHARBOR.com
Sale Manager/ Gen Fujiwara
Location / 502 LM 1-2-10 Horinouchi Suginami-ku Tokyo JP
Phone number / +81-3-5929-7155 Fax No. / +81-3-5929-7155
contact / sales@youharbor.com


Including Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, it is open all seven days a week.

Phone: +81 03 5929 7155
Add: LM Horinouchi Suginami-ku Tokyo Japan


The minimum number of days required for product arrival is about 5 days at the shortest, about 2 weeks at the longest.


All the products selling in the YOUHARBOR shop are new products. We do not handle used products etc at all.

14 day return policy

When there is a serious mistake or defect in the product sold by our shop. We will respond to returns if it is within 14 days after purchase.