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About our shop YOUHARBOR.com

Efforts to Online Business

YOUHARBOR is an online shop selling Japanese fishing equipment.November 2016 Current..If exclude huge stores like Amazon and Rakuten.Our shop, YOUHARBOR,
boasts a clearly ranked No.1 in the Assortment shop selling fishing tackle from the country to the world.We will Your Order and confirm, order securely and deliver it to you.All products will be shipped from Japan,Of course We are Japanese  We will deliver the all over the world in high quality product. We are working hard every day to get pleased with the anglers in the world.Please take this opportunity to get excellent fishing gear.


Anglers from countries other than Japan.Many of them are in a situation where it is difficult to obtain Japanese brand fishing equipment.We understand that.
From Asia to South America, Africa.Offering the desired fishing gear to the anglers in the world.And angler will be happy.This is our mission, I think that it is a work to do.

Office Location
Our office is a quiet residential area of Tokyo of Japan
Located on the town and Yu Suginami
Located on the building of the state highway
Tree-lined street and park and shopping street bustling
Their families and those living alone company employee or student
World from this place we














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Fishing tackle shop that is selling is all new, it is genuine
I want and love to anglers around the world fishing gear which is excellent in Japan ..
I hope so 
Quality is good fishing tackle of Japan is excellent
Come at a time, you also please to experience the quality for the hand

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Shop Name/ YOUHARBOR.com
Sale Manager/ Gen Fujiwara
Location / 502 LM 1-2-10 Horinouchi Suginami-ku Tokyo JP
Phone number / +81-3-5929-7155
Fax No. / +81-3-5929-7155

contact / sales@youharbor.com

Payment Method / Creditcard (PayPal)

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