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Shipment to the world

We will be international sales to all over the world

We will be international sales to all over the world

We will be international sales to all over the world We send it packed in a box carefully product It is for your product to prevent damage in mailing All delivery method is fast accurate "international express delivery Japanpost EMS and International e-Packet" Do not worry,! hope that we can reach successfully products to you products will be shipped by International express mail However those shipping weight is lighter than the 0.5lbs will send in the International e-packet In that case,need the days slightly from International express mail However, in some areas international courier service can not be sent Mailed to airmail or (SAL, Economy) in the following areas

Kiribati, Christmas Island, Cocos Islands, Samoa, Tuvalu, Tonga, Nauru, Norfolk Island, Vanuatu, Pitcairn, French Polynesia, Wallis and Futuna Islands

Also in the following countries, international express delivery is not send in some areas

Brunei, Nepal, Bhutan, Philippines, Myanmar, Maldives, Pakistan, Solomon, Azerbaijan

However, you do not have to worry. Even if it falls under these circumstances, we will not request additional shipping fee. SALor Airmail when sending products by air mail. Please understand that it will take 2 ~ 3 weeks for the delivery date.

About countries where international sales (delivery) of rods is impossible.

We will not be able rod to sales and delivery to the following countries Because in Japan international postal regulations there is a limit to the possible transmission length Following countries do not meet the criteria Fiji, Argentina, Uruguay, Madagascar